Fobbie Gift Wrapping in a CinchFobbie Gift Wrapping in a CinchFobbie Gift Wrapping in a Cinch

Here you'll find inspirational ways to wrap your gifts using the Fobbie®.
Also included are unique ideas to craft with Do-It-Yourself fobbies® and innovative ways to use picture frame Fobbies®. Try some of our alternative uses for your Fobbie® after your packages have been opened.

We'd love to see what you do with your Fobbies®, so please email us a picture. If we use your picture on the website we'll send you a free Fobbie® 5-pack of your choice. Email us at:


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All Occasion Inspirations
Kitty Game
This Fobbie® has a child's game glued to the top of it. The ribbons were laced through and then little animals images were taped to the ribbon with double stick tape.
Fobbie® wrapping is a great way to tailor your to your receiver's interests. This Happy Birthday package was wrapped with climbing rope which lays flat, add a carabiner and you're done!
Round box
Preprinted boxes are a great way to wrap. Why use a box? This round basket with a lid is a unusual and colorful way to wrap.
Do-It-Yourself Inspirations

This Do-It-Yourself Fobbie® was
created by ripping up colored
tissue paper and adhering
with Mod Podge. A silk flower
was then glued on top.

Do-it-yourself inspired fobbie

After the package was opened
the Fobbie® was turned into a
refrigerator magnet. Just cut off
package and add a magnet.

Flowers magnet
flowers fobbie package

This Do-It-Yourself Fobbie® was created by ripping up colored tissue paper and adhering with Mod Podge. Flower stickers were then used on top.

(To make this Fobbie® see the link above.)

close up fobbie package Using wire ribbon lets you be creative with bending and shaping.
Shirley Foster of Highlands Ranch,
Colorado, submitted her pen and ink
showing reflections of the
mountain scapes near her home.
Shirley Foster created fobbies
Ceri Anderson created fobbie This submission from Ceri Anderson of Loveland, Colorado, showed off her scrapbooking talents on a Fobbie® for her friend that was retiring.
This package was created by gluing a foam filled baseball on a do-it-yourself Fobbie®. There was enough space between the baseball and the fobbie that the slots were free for threading the ribbon through. Many different objects can be attached to customize your package.
Baseball fobbie

Melinda Barta of Ft. Collins, Colorado created a fabulous collage on a DIY Fobbie® by gluing and layering different decorative papers.

Melinda is Assistant Managing Editor for Beadwork magazine. She was previously the project editor of PieceWork magazine and is author of Hip to Stitch: 20 Contemporary Projects Embellished with Thread, a great book if you'd like some creative ideas for stitching
special ribbons for your Fobbie®wrapping or to display your stitching in a picture
frame Fobbie®.

Scrapbook fobbie
Scrapbook Page Inspirations
Kathe Hayden
Kathe Hayden of Loveland, Colorado submitted this page of her kids using a Do-It-Yourself Fobbie® covered with coordinating paper, but only four slots were cut and used opposed to all eight.
Kathe Hayden of Loveland, Colorado submitted this page commenerating a 50th wedding anniversary using a congratulations Fobbie® and white tulle.
Kathe Hayden
Kathe Hayden
Kathe Hayden of Loveland, Colorado submitted this page for a friend's going away party she used a best wishes Fobbie® and colorful flowers and ribbon.
Rubber Stamp Inspirations

This DIY Fobbie® submission from Jamie Hogsett of Colorado, was createdby rubber stamping and using an embossing powder for that beautiful raised ink look.


Rubberstamp fobbie

Alternative Wrapping — Who needs a box?
Fobbie wrapped towels
These towels are great
for a house warming gift.
Fobbie wrapped pillow
Some gifts look great just the way they are. Just pick your Fobbie® and dress them up!

This baby pillow looks great with some baby feet ribbon and attached pacifiers.

Fobbie wrapped coasters
Some handwoven coasters
are the perfect thank you.
Yarn wrapped fobbie
Got a knitter in your life? How about wrapping some specialty yarns and adding some knitting needles.


Fobbie wrapped dog bowl
This beautiful soft fleece blanket is
perfect for fobbie wrapping!

This dog bowl becomes the perfect pet gift with doggie bones and a favorite picture.

When unwrapped, ad a magnet to the back side and create a refrigerator magnet.

Picture Frame Inspirations

These picture frame Fobbies® were done by Mary Polityka Bush for the Findings Department of the November/December 2007 issue of PieceWork magazine. She used a piece of crocheted lace, a embroidered handkerchief, a sachet and a doily. Click here to view a pdf file of the magazine article to learn more.

PieceWork celebrates and expresses historic and ethnic fabric-related handwork in stories and selected projects on: quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, basketry, beadwork, needlepoint, lace making, dyeing and other traditional crafts.

PieceWork Magazine Findings Department

Liz Gipsonwove this expandable fabric and filled it with lavender to create a little sachet. The sachet is held in place by the Fobbie®. After the gift is unwrapped the sachet can be placed in a drawer or hung in a closet.

Handwoven Sachet

Amy Clarke Moore submitted this beautiful bead embroidered poppy pin. She then covered a picture frame poppy with a colored paper to match her ribbon. The pin is held in place by the fobbie®. This adds a gift to the gift!

You can learn more about Amy's beadwork at

Amy Clarke Moore

Who says you need conventional paper and ribbon to wrap?

This picture frame Fobbie® became a pincushion by using felt and fluff. Then colorful headed
pins were inserted and a sewing tape measure was used in place of ribbon. In place of paper, tie-dyed fabric was used.

A great way to wrap for your sewing enthusiast!

Wedding Inspirations
Wedding Centerpiece Create a Fobbie® wedding centerpiece by
using a square glass vase. This one uses
Congratulation Fobbies® on two opposing
sides. White tulle was used on each side
with extra pink beaded ribbon interlaced.
Tulle was used inside as decore and filled
with chocolate covered mints.
This Do-It-Yourself Fobbie® was decorated with
wedding scrapbooking flowers and then used to
wrap napkins. You could exchange these with
DIY Fobbies® that are name tags.
Wedding NapkinWedding Napkin Close
Wedding Table Number This picture frame Fobbie® makes a perfect table number setting. Insert an engagement picture, then on your computer typeset your table number and print it out on decorative paper. Cut it in a 3/4" strip and thread through the slots like you would a ribbon. Thule is used here in the opposing slots to make it even more decorative. Use a little picture frame stand to hold it in place.
Wedding ChairWedding Chair Close A wedding flower was adhered to a Do-It-Yourself Fobbie® then Thule was used to wrap around the top of the chair in both directions. Some heart printed ribbon was threaded through the vertical slots for more decoration.
Wedding FavorA nice bottle of wine makes a perfect party favor. Here a Thank You Fobbie® was used. Both ends of a long vertical ribbon is threaded through the slots leaving a loop at the top to slip over the bottleneck. Then a horizontal ribbon can be threaded through for decoration or actually wrapped around the bottle.
Wedding Favor Close
Congratulations Wedding Wrap Congratulations Wrap Close
This package was wrapped for a wedding by first using pink silky ribbon and then by adding beaded bridal spray. The beaded bridal spray came in 12 strands.The spray was broken apart using six strands for each direction and then threaded through on top of the ribbon.
Alternative Fobbie Uses


Create nameplates for the office. The names were printed on colored paper and with a laser printer, then cut and threaded through. Hang one, or several!

Name Plates
Holiday Wrapping Inspirations

No more smashed bows! Fobbies® are perfect for wrapping Holiday gifts,
especially gifts that need to be shipped in the mail.
Choose from our vintage or floral To/From designs.
cookie tin throw blanket
I love to use tulle in place of ribbon for a fun, fuller look, along with accent ribbons. This throw blanket is attractive as it is, so I just wrapped it with ribbon and lace.
sewing toolbox
For my friend that sews, I wrapped her gift with material, ribbon and a measuring tape. I thought it would be fun to wrap this tool box with extra gifts, so I used a shop towel, screwdriver, wrench and nuts.
stacked containers scrapbook
Using Fobbies is a great way to hold a stack of gifts together. I love the look of using raffia. It's a little tricky threading it through the slots, but then I could tie the pinecones on with it.
Fobbie Wrap Holiday Towels Wrapped Placemats
Towels are perfect to bring for a gift exchange or holiday party. This picture doesn't do the placemats justice, they have a nice sheen, and together make an elegant presentation.
Teddy Bear Snowman Fobbie
Fobbies® are perfect for wrapping
irregular shaped gifts.
Snowman Fobbie® wrapped gift.
Floral Wrap Purple Floral Wrap
Floral To/From Fobbie® wrapped gift.
Purple Floral To/From Fobbie® wrapped gift.
Holiday wrapping
Picture frame Fobbies® are a great way to give the latest, or your favorite pictures of the kids to family.
Picture Frame Ornament
Turn your picture frame Fobbie® into an ornament to hang after it comes off your package.
Liz Mrofka, Fobbie® inventor, fashioned this pinecone Fobbie® after the rustic ornaments she makes. She stamped a DIY fobbie with red, brown and green inks with a sponge. Then she sliced a pinecone in half with a bandsaw and glued in on top. She used jute ribbon and rafia on natural paper and made a small tag stamped with a pinetree and cut a wavy edge with a red ink sponged accent.
String of Bells

A Gift on a Gift!

I took a string of bells that you hang on your door and then used two picture frame Fobbies® to hold it in place on the package. I threaded extra ribbon through the top and bottom slots for decoration.

I used a DIY fobbie and rubberstamped it with red ink. I then got this cute snowman on a heart ornament and attached it with doublestick tape. I wrapped the gift with ribbon and then added the tinsel around the Fobbie®.

String of Bells
Frame Bell I took a large bell and held it in place with a picture frame fobbie®. It stands off the package about an inch. I love being able to use non-traditional colors. This pink with silver tinsel edges curled in a spiral gives a very festive look.
Give your baked goods
a beautiful presentation!