Fobbie Gift Wrapping in a CinchFobbie Gift Wrapping in a CinchFobbie Gift Wrapping in a Cinch

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  Step 1: Cut a piece of ribbon that wraps around the length of your package with several inches to spare. Repeat for the width of your package. Place your Fobbie® in the middle of the package.
  Step 2: Weave the end of the long ribbon up through an inner slot and back down through the adjacent slot. Gently pull the ribbon so you leave a few inches loose. Wrap the ribbon under and over the package and weave the ribbon through the opposite slots. Leave the ribbon slightly loose.
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  Step 3: Repeat for the package's width. Now you can adjust the Fobbie® to sit anywhere on the package. Pull the ribbon ends to secure the fobbie™ in place.

Gift Wrapping in a Cinch!
Any ribbon will work with your Fobbie®. If the fobbie® seems slightly loose, stick a curled up piece of tape to the back and secure to package.